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Fixture Systems

Industrial inspection and quality control rely on precision measuring machines and precision fixturing alike. Reliable and repeatable fixture set-up is a basic requirement for successful and accurate measurement. Therefore fixturing is as important a part of proper quality control as the choice of a suitable CMM, form measuring machine or vision measurement system.

Mitutoyo fixture equipment has been designed and manufactured in Germany for over 35 years with uncompromising precision in mind. Choosing Mitutoyo is clear when it comes to fixture systems thanks to their essential aspects of universality, flexibility, and efficiency. 

Our CMM fixturing product lines eco-fix, eco-fixplus and the multiflexprofile series ensure that from small and light to big and heavy workpieces, everything can be fixtured and measured with ease.

Eco-fix, eco-fixplus and multiflexprofile components often can be combined, additionally increasing performance and flexibility.

Opti-fix components, for the use with vision systems, can be linked to eco-fix elements by using adapters, which underlines the true modular character and flexibility of our fixturing products.

Mitutoyo fixtures: For measurably better results.